Moving On

Karen and I will be moving to Northern Saskatchewan this winter.  We have already sold the house.  As many of you know, my maternal grandmother, The Enforcer, was born in London and we have qualified for Canadian citizenship.  We plan to grow things in the ground—mostly Kale—and raise goats for companionship. Kale is a useful crop, as chewing it for breakfast, lunch and dinner will give us something to do in the 10 month winter and people we have never heard of speak highly of goats.

We want you to understand that our decision had nothing to do with the recent election.  Many hours ago, we shed our remaining belief in the neo-terrorist regime of “Nikita” Obama and “Beria” Biden.  In fact, after only a few days of the kind of mild stomach problems that the emergency room was easily able to deal with using an array of psychotropic drugs, we have come to value the results of the election and to realize that who better to get us out of our current morass then the smug, self-righteous, snake oil salesmen that got us into in the first place.

Please come visit us at our new home at #476511, So Bald and So Lonely a Mountain.  June 12th, the day before the annual black fly festival and the day after most hard frosts is supposed to be swell.

We will have an internet connection as soon as I am able to launch our first synchronous satellite.

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1 Response to Moving On

  1. susan and Lewis says:

    Steve – Too bad we are not related. Our daughter in law and grandson have dual citizenship and Michael assures that once they are settled, they will send for us. I’m hoping for a nice condo in Vancouver, where Kat has family and friends. Bot rest assured, we’ll be sure to stop by at your place, once we are settled. My sister and brother in law really are in churchill, Manitoba, as I write this note. They went to check out the polar bear scene, but I can have them look at the real estate also.


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