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My poem, Collector, is in the current issue of Nixes Mate Review. Great fun to write because collectors are a special breed of crazy. Collector I found itin the thrift storebeside the coffeeshop on College Ave.It’s become a fineplace to … Continue reading

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My poem, Raking, is in the spring issue of Muddy River Poetry River. Here is the poem: Raking leaves today—old whisk rakewith the soundof someonetrying to getmy attention. The leaves fellfrom a streetmaple—a treeabout as oldas I am.We thought we’dlost … Continue reading

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My poem, Snowline, has just been published by Sangam. Many thanks to the editor, Ryan McGuckin, for some helpful suggestions. Here is the poem: Snowline All nightThe neighborhoodHouses shuckTheir tentsOf snow. “One more spring,”You’d chantAs if urgingOn the nagYou had … Continue reading

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My poem, Stillness, was just published in the Fall/Winter 2021 issue of the Schuylkill Valley Journal. Here is the poem: Stillness It’s perfect right now.Early eveningdistilled through the oaksin a lattice of light.The air coolingto that first fine chill. In … Continue reading

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