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My poem, Remember, is in the current issue of Rat’s Ass Review. Here is the poem: REMEMBER Sky more brown than bluelike Kansasbefore Dorothy was whisked away. Remember when theycame for himand you learnedthe damage stones could do? Air so … Continue reading

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Street View

My poem, Street View, was just published by Red Weather (MinnSU Moorhead). Here is the poem: Street View I never thoughtI’d make my wayback home—like some crossbetween a voyeurand a homing pigeon. It hasn’t changedmuch— a few storefrontsare gone. Goodbyehardware … Continue reading

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Irish Exit

Just published on Panoply, “The magnificent seven,”George would proclaimalthough I warned himagain and again that crowing wassure to jinx us.We had been a crewsince early childhood— back when crawling was more rewardingthen the two-step flop.In our twenties, we had our … Continue reading

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Peace, Peace will Come/ Minor Losses

I have two poems on the Write Launch. Here they are: Peace, Peace will Come It is ofteneasier to writethe landscapewithout the pollution of people.This hillsidewas oncewild with color Can youimagine it? Today, the violetsthat took residencein the shell casingsbloomed— … Continue reading

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