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One more on Biscuit Root Drive: Savior In her last years mom took to the lottery like a robed devotee takes to prayer. Each morning at eleven she would darken the boxes of the day’s lottery picks, carefully transcribing from … Continue reading

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New Poem: Bibelot

My poem, Bibelot, was just published by Biscuit Root Drive. Here is the poem: Yours was not an easy death. Ampules of morphine lined the icebox shelves amid the chaos of beer bottles and rancid cheese. How many who wished … Continue reading

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Poem: Memorial Service

My poem, Memorial Service, was just published by Nixes Mate Review. Here is the poem: Memorial Service I hardly knew the dear departed and what was there to know anyway? That the man who passed unnaturally soon was much more … Continue reading

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Burningword Literary Journal

My tercet just published by Burningword. Lots of fun to write. No Strings Attached In Darwin, Minnesota the biggest ball of twine is unencumbered by human frailty. No discontented lovers struggling with rope burn anxious to be free. No lasso- … Continue reading

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Two more poems on the Write Launch

Two more poems on the Write Launch: Second Nature You would have loved to have me in your class. I was born with the soul of a mule—plodding through with heavenly persistence. I’d march around my room, high above a … Continue reading

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Three poems on The Write Launch

Here is the first of the poems: Checking in: There you are Dad on our cobbled deck splayed out in my favorite chair, our nearly feral cat content to be on your lap. You hold up the perfect tomato so … Continue reading

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Two more poems from Softblow

At the Bay We were sitting at Liman’s in Sheepshead Bay— right on the water— which was lapping over some fashionably placed rocks with the regularity of a metronome. He was gabbing— he had the gift— timing the movement of … Continue reading

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