Stevieslaw: Octavia Butler Guest Post


Did she ever imagine we’d elect a leader with all these traits?

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Stevieslaw: Tattoos


The Trump administration acknowledged that they had not done a good job in tracking the parents and children separated at the border.

“This is ironic,” said Chief Presidential Advisor Stephen Miller. “Not only is the technology readily available,” he continued, “but it is something that I am intimately acquainted with.

“The Germans used a system at Auschwitz—they tattooed the inmates chosen for work details. The last number they used was 202,499, so we could start with 202,500.”

“Problem solved,” Stellvertreter des Fuhrers Miller concluded.

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Stevieslaw: Infant Infestation

Stevieslaw: Infant Infestation

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

Baby Cages are Tender Age Shelters

All hail The Leader, who has put an end to the dangerous infant infestation that threatened our American way of life.

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Stevieslaw: Follow the Money

Stevieslaw: Follow the Money

Reprinted from the Kansas Nutwarren:

Conservative icon, Ann Coulter, was right on the mark in calling out the “child actors,” posing as refugees, wailing and crying sloppily on Network TV. She cautioned Trump not to fall for their sob story and went on to say that “I get nervous that the president is getting his news from TV.”

Other brave conservatives, most notably Alex Jones, have already called out “child actors” in the so-called school shootings—which everyone must admit happen too often to be real. What these conservatives have not done—and this is surprising (or is it?) considering their collective brain power, is to finally connect the dots. Who is capable of supplying this ever growing need for child actors? Who will make money doing so?

The Socialist Hollywood Elite.

Since even our best columnists won’t (why?) take them on, we must demand that our President—the great and powerful Trump, call them on it.

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Stevieslaw: ABC Apologizes

Stevieslaw: ABC Apologizes

In response to the Trumptweet that ABC has never apologized for the awful things they said about him, a mortified ABC issued the following apology:

“We sincerely regret our role in the 2016 campaign that led to the election of the self-centered man child, Donald Trump. Had we, and other news organizations, been more forceful in exposing his lies and inhumane and divisive remarks, we might have prevented him from becoming President .”

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Stevieslaw: Entanglements


Mom’s enormous family
gathered once a month
in what they called the cousins club.
The women wore their best—
outfits from Saks and Macy’s
and the men would comb and shave
and try to pass muster.

My brother and I,
Scrubbed, fed
and relegated to the back bedroom,
listened to the murmurs
and protestations
of gossiping
and gambling.

We longed for the food.
There might be
cold cuts and salads
from the local deli,
or smoked fish and bagels,
or the crown jewels
of brisket and potato kugel,
cooked all day in an aunt’s steamy kitchen.
We drooled
and listened to our bellies grumble.

We made brief feeding forays
when the chatter had softened
to the whisper of innuendo.
I often marveled at the miraculous
revival of even the oldest
of my uncles and aunts.
They arrived
sallow and pained
then absorbed the energy
of that gathering of closest kin,
and bloomed.

I could find no explanation
in the gentle baiting and bickering
that characterized their affection,
so pajamaed and half asleep
I imagined them
rooted in the generous earth—
black and life-teeming.
And those roots, I felt sure,
must intermingle
and, through those myriad entanglements
the stuff of happiness must flow.

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Stevieslaw: Remembering the Summit

Stevieslaw:  We are offering Trump-Kim Jong-um Commemorative coins at a very competitive price.  Truckloads are available.  The first 100 customers will also receive a signed copy of Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.  So hurry.  Make Stevieslaw rich again.

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