Taming big science

I got this from the blog of a recently elected congressman from Kansas.  I believe it needs wide distribution, so I am passing it on.

Now that we, the people, have spoken and Big Government has been eliminated from these United States forever, we must turn our attention to the other problem “Bigs.”  The first that we need to tackle is Big Science.  Big Science is funded by you, the hardworking taxpayer, by Federal Agencies such as NSF and NIH.  Do common people have a vote in these Federal agencies on how their hard earned money is spent?  No, they do not. Hand-picked government employees make the decisions, based on things they learned in College! 

 It seems fair to me to ask then, “What are we getting for our money?”  A short list would include:  making monkeys into humans, stealing stem cells from screaming babies, cloning goats, trying to over warm the planet, making vaccines for diseases that only affect gay people, and all of these generically engineered foods.  Why do we need generic wheat in Kansas?  We want brand named wheat. 

It is instructive for smart hard working people to ask, “What does science promise?” Progress!  And just what is the difference between Progress and that word that is another name for the liberal, Marxist communists we oppose?  No more than three or four letters.

I believe we must consider a fundamental question, “Why should the laws of science be the same in New York City as they are in Kansas?” Lord knows, nothing else is the same.  Do you realize that sometimes it can be nighttime in Kansas while daytime in New York?  How can the laws of science explain that?  What we need is an end to Big Government funding of Big Science.  All science funding should be at the local level.  It you want to over warm New York City—fine, but we won’t stand for it in Kansas.  It is my understanding that some religious groups have had experience in managing scientific investigations.  I am trying to find out the details of this synergism, but it is difficult, as it apparently happened before computers.  But I am convinced that this is where we should start—with science as a locally funded, locally controlled, faith based initiative.

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