Stevieslaw: My poem, Poet, just published on Eclectica

Here is the link to the poetry section:


And here is the poem:


I found your first book today
in a second hand store at the Harrisburg Station.
Dingy and age-tanned,
it retained its dustcover,
with a photo of you at 22,
wearing a threadbare corduroy coat
I’m sure is still in your closet,
and what might pass for a smile.
It’s a rare first print from ’69.

My war.
Your deferment.
You kept to your poetry
like you kept to the old neighborhood,
both mired in bottomless poverty—
an endless scraping by.
Yet, just last year, The Times called you
the Bashful Bard of Brooklyn.

We will lay you out tomorrow
in a sandy plot
in one of those many cemeteries
that dot the flat, emptiness of the mid-island plains.
Bury you next to Mary
your common-law wife of fifty three years
and your only treasure.

Old friend,
I never told you what I felt
when I first held a copy of your book.
I was outside my tent,
less than a mile from the wreckage of Ben Tre.
The package had been waiting for me
while we took that city down.
Not even the rats and the roaches
could have survived our fury.
“That should be me,” I thought,
and tossed that splendid book
on the residue of the war.



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5 Responses to Stevieslaw: My poem, Poet, just published on Eclectica

  1. ivor20 says:

    Congratulations Steve, your poem is transfixing and moving, I thoroughly enjoyed your story, an engrossing read, right up to your excellent finale.


  2. stevieslaw says:

    Thank you. I am very glad you like it.


  3. stevieslaw says:

    Reblogged this on Stevie's Law and commented:

    Many thanks to Jen Finstrom, poetry editor of Eclectica, for nominating “Poet” for a Pushcart Prize. Here it is again.

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