Stevieslaw: Karen’s Joseph Cornell poem

My wife, Karen, has her first pubished poem on The Ekphrastic Review today.  It’s in response to a Joseph Cornell box. The link is above. The poem is here:

Utopia Parkway

Joseph Cornell rode the bus from
3708 Utopia Parkway to Flushing, NY
to pick up the train into Manhattan.
I rode that bus many times
to go to school, to the movies,
to shop, to escape.
Would I have noticed him
amongst the other passengers?
Would he have worn an overcoat, a tie?
Would he have shopping bags
to hold the things he found in the city?
Would his theatre tickets be stuffed in his pockets,
or carefully tucked in a book?
Would he have stared at the floor,
or closed his eyes and dreamed?
Would I have approached him,
if I had known who he was
or picked up something he had dropped
and followed him to return it?
Or, would I have stuffed it in my handbag,
taken it home, and put it
in a box?


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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: Karen’s Joseph Cornell poem

  1. wpbzkzk says:

    Thanks for sharing the poem…. congratulations Karen…. I looked up Joseph Cornell and found it interesting that you and he shared not just a bus line but also assemblage art. Again, congratulations …now you are both published poets……Z

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  2. So great! Congrats, Karen!


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