New Poem Boketto

My poem Boketto was just published by The Remington Review. Here is the poem and a link:


Before he left,
Marty said,
“I feel like I’ve been walking on ice.”
That last year, he had picked
up a tremor
and his hand shook
as we sipped whiskey
on the terrace
of his penthouse apartment.
He had a view of both rivers—
it was a very long way from Brooklyn.

My oldest friend
had studied integral equations,
“For planar problems only piecewise smooth,”
he’d say five times fast
when sufficiently drunk,
but had gone on
to manage a hedge fund.
He made more money
in a week
than his dad had
in a year.

But, it was not what he’d hoped for—
two miserable marriages,
an ulcer and that damn tic—
too many things
we could no longer kid about.
Most weekends
Marty took long drives.
“I’m looking for the horizon,”
he’d tell me.
But I never understood.

He left me a key
to his apartment.
Opposite his favorite chair,
he’d hung a wall-sized
photo of the sky.
even of clouds—
so blue and empty
it seemed to go on

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4 Responses to New Poem Boketto

  1. wpbzkzk says:

    A sad poem because I am always hopeful that we make decisions based on more than external pressures so that life does not feel so bleak at the end. Z

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