Word Poem

My word poem was just published by Eclectica. She if you can guess the words.


“You ain’t never
been blue”
as we cruised
the icy ridge
above the town
in my dad’s
fine, finned

Nina was wrong,
you were,
just then,
beyond blue—
staring vacant
at the naked town
as we smoked
and spat
our way down
the rutted road.

You had
just been
from State High
for riding
a pony
down the hall
and cursing
like a cowhand
after a night
of witch’s brew
in a Dodge City saloon.

I grinned
as you shredded
the expulsion paper
with your
hands and teeth—
and said,
“No one expects
that from a girl.”
It was
the last time
I ever
saw you.

I heard
from a friend
that you are
in Seattle
helping wayward
that the fire
you carried
in you
has dimmed.

How I wish
I had

nothing at all.
Beyond blue,
that indigo
“Goes stealin’
to my shoes.”

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