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My poem Fire Escape—based on an Alfred Stieglitz photo is up on Ekphrastic Review today. Many thanks to my friend and fellow poet Sarah Russell, who saw the photo and knew she had to share it with me. This poem … Continue reading

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New poem on The Drabble

Learning to Write Poetry Late in Life The Drabble Of course it’s magic, the way the teacher coaxed me off my easy chair, where briared and booked, I planned to snooze away my twilight. I find I’m curious again— that … Continue reading

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New Poem: Bibelot

My poem, Bibelot, was just published by Biscuit Root Drive. Here is the poem: Yours was not an easy death. Ampules of morphine lined the icebox shelves amid the chaos of beer bottles and rancid cheese. How many who wished … Continue reading

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Three poems on The Write Launch

Here is the first of the poems: Checking in: There you are Dad on our cobbled deck splayed out in my favorite chair, our nearly feral cat content to be on your lap. You hold up the perfect tomato so … Continue reading

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New Poems

Pleased to have three poems on Softblow Poetry Journal today. Here is the first poem and the link. A death in the family  We hustle it all to the dumpster couches and chairs lamps, rugs and bedding, the knickknacks … Continue reading

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Call for submissions

Poets should have some association with Central Pennsylvania—live here, went to school here, have a cousin here etc. Dear Poets:   It’s time to submit to Centered for the winter issue.  The new editor, Sarah Rafacz, would simply like to … Continue reading

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New Poem: Song

My poem Song is in the current issue of Third Wednesday.  Here is the poem: Song “He has no one to blame but himself,” she murmured, in the rhythmic cadence of grief— a patter as old as life on earth. … Continue reading

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