Stevieslaw: Credit where credit is due

Stevieslaw: Credit where credit is due

President Trump tweeted today that he was hurt and surprised that his role in the rescue of the Thai soccer team and coach has not received the attention it deserves.

“Anyone with eyes could tell that I was the one who devised the plan to get the kids out,” he tweeted. “Only a stable genius could come up with something as amazing as my plan.”

Fox News quickly apologized to the President and began running the story in a 4 hour exclusive. “Could you even imagine this kind of rescue when Obama was President,” said Sean Hannity—Of course not!”

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Stevieslaw: My Poem—For Nothing at all is up at Eclectica

My word (borrow, phone, lost and nothing) poem is in the new edition of Eclectica.  Here is the link to the poetry:

And, here is the poem:

For Nothing at All

I took chill last night in the rain,
and remembered how you
would always catch cold in June.
You’d sit in your living room
on that overstuffed sofa
afghan pulled up over your nose
like the Queen of Ditmas Avenue—
exotically scented by Vicks Vapor Rub.

I remember the old black rotary phone
you used to call each of your many girlfriends
to complain of your impending doom—
so young, so young,
as your doting mother brought you tidbits
and fragile cups of peppermint tea
and your brother, Bob—my best friend—
made a perfect pest of himself.
I used to think,
Bob was put on earth to entertain.
He could sing
He could dance.
He could do all those happy things
I was no damn good at.

Before he left for Nam,
Bob borrowed the lucky silver dollar
that had seen my dad through his war.
On his last night home, I swore
it would keep him safe
and that I would look after his sister.
But, we lost Bob there, at 19,
in a war about nothing, for nothing
at all.

And Sue, the girl I worshipped,
runny nose and all
tried to teach me
to forgive myself.
But, the lessons never took.

I still hear from her
on my birthday—
it’s in June.
and it makes me smile
to listen to her speak
through a wad of tissues
and a stuffed up nose—
and to picture how she tries but fails
to stifle even a single sneeze.


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Stevieslaw: New poem

My poem: “You had it all wrong,” was just published by Gravel.  Here is the link:

And here is the poem:

You had it all wrong.

We sat in a wine bar
in the depths of Alphabet City,
damp and dark
as a subway platform
after a week of showers.
The quartet played smooth jazz
and the singer,
once famous,
now long past middle age—
distilled the loneliness and grief
of a hundred years
and gave us back
a bit of Nina and Billy.

We drank the deep red wine
of a sourish grape
and, as we had no future,
we talked of our shared past.
It had been ten years
and I thought you might be repentant.
But you told a story
of misfortune
and failed ventures—
the record shop in East Harlem,
the bookstore in Astoria.
You spoke heatedly
of the villainy of old friends—
people I knew well,
and of mine.
Shocked, silent and angry
I couldn’t believe how you lied
and lied.

I left you
in the neon glare
of that all-night diner
on First Avenue—
eggs seven ways for those
without a home
worth going to
and walked the city streets
in the emptiness of early morning.
The wind was cold and clarifying
and I thought,
maybe I had it all wrong.

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Stevieslaw: Octavia Butler Guest Post


Did she ever imagine we’d elect a leader with all these traits?

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Stevieslaw: Tattoos


The Trump administration acknowledged that they had not done a good job in tracking the parents and children separated at the border.

“This is ironic,” said Chief Presidential Advisor Stephen Miller. “Not only is the technology readily available,” he continued, “but it is something that I am intimately acquainted with.

“The Germans used a system at Auschwitz—they tattooed the inmates chosen for work details. The last number they used was 202,499, so we could start with 202,500.”

“Problem solved,” Stellvertreter des Fuhrers Miller concluded.

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Stevieslaw: Infant Infestation

Stevieslaw: Infant Infestation

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

Baby Cages are Tender Age Shelters

All hail The Leader, who has put an end to the dangerous infant infestation that threatened our American way of life.

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Stevieslaw: Follow the Money

Stevieslaw: Follow the Money

Reprinted from the Kansas Nutwarren:

Conservative icon, Ann Coulter, was right on the mark in calling out the “child actors,” posing as refugees, wailing and crying sloppily on Network TV. She cautioned Trump not to fall for their sob story and went on to say that “I get nervous that the president is getting his news from TV.”

Other brave conservatives, most notably Alex Jones, have already called out “child actors” in the so-called school shootings—which everyone must admit happen too often to be real. What these conservatives have not done—and this is surprising (or is it?) considering their collective brain power, is to finally connect the dots. Who is capable of supplying this ever growing need for child actors? Who will make money doing so?

The Socialist Hollywood Elite.

Since even our best columnists won’t (why?) take them on, we must demand that our President—the great and powerful Trump, call them on it.

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