Leavings by Sarah Russell (PRIME MOVERS Series)

from my friend Sarah, a wonderful poet

Silver Birch Press

licensed sandor kacsoLeavings
by Sarah Russell

Leavings are untidy. Remembering
what you want to say as the car pulls away,
or the cell phone drops into your purse,
restraint in an embrace, the casual

see ya, when you ache for more.
There was that time my mother died—
a stiff, proud woman who did not touch.
She lay in bed, while her brothers and I

hovered. We asked if she needed a blanket,
if she wanted music, if she were hungry,
thirsty. At each offering, she jerked her head
from side to side, tight-lipped, angry.

Then the young, Hispanic hospice aide reached
out and took her hand. She knew what leavings
needed, what my mother couldn’t bring herself
to ask for, what we didn’t understand to give.

My mother sighed and held that gentle,
reassuring hand. The aide leaned in, caressed
a wisp of hair on her forehead. My mother smiled,
and took…

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A reading of What the Breeze Brings

Here is a link to a video of me reading my poem, What the Breeze brings, featured on Panoply this week. It’s a gentle one. Enjoy.


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A gentle poem just published on Panoply

What the Breeze Brings

This is the perfect spot
for daydreaming—
just the proper combination
of light and breeze
and easy chair.
I often take refuge here—
with a book for a prop,
wistful and open.

Once, in Kyoto
along the philosopher’s
walk, I imagined myself
a 15th century monk—
wandering here and there among
ancient trees and temples—
mossy breeze humming gently
of the past—
of the greening of a first spring—
when dreaming
and waking
were one.

What small misstep
of evolution
has made us a race
of make-believers?
“What’s the good of daydreams?”
I ask myself.

Something for the monk
in me to ponder
as I settle in
by the half-open window
on the easy chair
in dusk’s half light.

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What Trump left unsaid.

Early and Often

President Trump would like to remind you to take lots of hydroxychloroquine tablets and a slug of bleach before venturing out to vote twice. Stay safe! And remember, you are likely to run across a few Democrats at the polls—easily identified by their masks. They are spreading COVID on purpose—just to hurt me—because they are not true Americans. Make sure to bring your weapons.

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Free with Purchase

The vaccines are coming! The vaccines are coming!

Smart money says we will have a vaccine before the election. Many of us would like to know how, where, and when we will get it. Today, The White House has instituted a plan, under the direction of Jared Kushner, to make getting the vaccine as easy as presenting your Visa card.

“We will set up vaccination sites all across the nation,” said a Kushner spokesperson, Stony Cold. “Buy a Maga hat and get a shot for free, hissed Stony. What could be easier.”

Attorney General, William Barr, when questioned said, “This plan violates no law, that I am aware of, that cannot be ignored.”

House Democrats have threatened hearings as early as December 2020.

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Are you?

Are you?

At the tail end of the presidential campaign of 1980, Reagan posed the question “are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Carter honestly answered, “No.” And Reagan went on to a resounding victory.

You still hear the question asked at about this time in presidential campaigns. So, we at Stevieslaw would like to ask you once again

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Take your time. We’ll wait.

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An Early Christmas Gift

An Early Christmas Gift.

Steve Bannon, aka Wormtongue, was indicted and arrested today for his role in a fraud within a fraud—raising money for Trump’s wall. I do so hope we will be able to watch him being led away in handcuffs on the evening news.

The Trump campaign, which has long embodied the expression—if given lemons, make lemonade, has announced that the Republican Convention will air an “Indictee night” on August 25th. It figures to be a doozy. The likes of Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen and others will offer a full-throated appeal to re-elect Trump. I’m making popcorn.

On the subject of an early Christmas gift, I have an interesting question for those skilled in constitutional law. Is it possible to indict an alien? No, I don’t mean someone from Guatemala. I mean someone born on another planet, in another solar system, in another galaxy? I’m writing, of course, about chief presidential advisor, Stephen Miller. Wouldn’t that be a fine gift?

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The Birds…The Birds

The Birds…The Birds.

More good news this morning. The headline in the NYTimes is: Interior Dept. Finalizes Plan to Open Arctic Refuge to Oil and Gas Companies

We are about to hear a lot about how this will give us energy security and lower our prices at the gas pump. Sure. If you buy that, I have this bridge I can let you have at a low pandemic price. It’s been in the family…

Oil and gas companies will make some money. The 1% will make some more money—although they are running into some serious money storage problems. And, the rest of us will swelter in the increasing heat and go to google to look at and hear birds and animals that are no longer.

In a just universe, the birds will be gathering on Pennsylvania Avenue. Two very large crows will have just shat on Mike Pence’s head—although he appears not to have noticed. The birds will have all seen the Hitchcock movie—multiple times.

They are waiting for you Donald. They are serious animals—not susceptible to political bullshit—they are waiting. The birds…the birds.

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Public Service Announcement

Trump’s War on Christmas.

As a Public Service announcement today, The Post Office strongly urged you to mail all Christmas cards and gifts before July 31st , if you hope that they will be delivered on or before Christmas. They also clarified their policy concerning the delivery of your Mom’s medication. “At this point,” a spokesman said, “It is what it is.”

Trump seemed blindsided by the consequences of his attack on the Post Office. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said, “It’s not fair to hold the president accountable for these additional mail delays. He was not aware that the Post Office delivered anything other than mail-in-ballots.” “After all, she added, he’s never needed to use the Post Office.”

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Trickle Down

Republican lawmakers have devised a plan to rush Covid-19 vaccine to the 1%, providing immunity to those who matter. Republican Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, said “herd immunity will then trickle down to the masses.”

Ted Cruz, who called the plan “masterful” noted that “it will save hardworkingAmericanworkers billions in tax dollars.”

The implementation of the plan, which has the blessing of President Trump, will be overseen by Jared Kushner through his new distribution company, “IGotMine.”

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