Newsbriefs you May Have Missed: Bringing the Heat


Senate Republicans announced today through their spokesperson, Byon Bleef, that the immigration deal will require a little more than a seven hundred mile border fence costing nearly 30 billion dollars, if it is to have bipartisan support in the senate. They will introduce an amendment to the bill, first thing Monday morning, that will guarantee the border area will be carpet bombed, using B-52’s and B-2’s from Guam, at least once a day.
“This,” Byon stated, “Will probably guarantee Republican support.”
The cost of the measure is not yet known. A spokesperson for Raytheon Corporation, builder of the popular Tomahawk cruise missile would only say, again and again, “Oh Boy!, Oh Boy! Rumors of loud moans and what might be the sound of a body rolling over, near Dwight Eisenhower’s final resting place in Kansas could not be confirmed.

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