Stevieslaw: Wealthy Weary of Waiting

The news that the 85 richest people in the world control the same amount of wealth as half of the world’s population has Bran Named shaking his head. Bran, author of “Never Enough,” says “sure some of the news over the past 25 years is good—another 200 or so billionaires and the top 1% in the US finally have about 20 percent of the national wealth, but we should be accomplishing more.” “As a group, the wealthy control manufacturing, communication, transportation and to a large extent local, state and national government—why then is it taking us so long to control all of the world’s wealth?” “I am announcing today a meeting and symposium of the world’s wealthiest to help accelerate the pace of accumulating wealth.”
“Wealth in the hands of the poor is wasted wealth,” continued Named, “as they have no need of it.” “Haven’t they shown us over all these many years that they (the poor) are quite capable of working for and living on nothing?”

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