Stevieslaw: Hemlock Society to Move to Orlando

Stevieslaw: Hemlock Society to Move to Orlando
Smokey Diamond, our intrepid reporter, returned from Orlando, Florida today looking like something the cat dragged in.
“That full body armor is heavy,” she complained. “But at least I made it back alive.”
Smokey had been in Florida tracking down the story that the “right to die” group, The Hemlock Society, was about to move headquarters from Denver to Orlando.
“It’s not a given yet,” said Smokey, “but it does appear that Florida Governor, Rick Scott, is working around the clock to get them to move.” “He has them in his sights,” chuckled Smokey.
Now that it has been established that Florida’s “stand your ground” law confers the right to shoot someone even if they are running away from you, the state has become a “destination” for folks seeking assisted suicide.
“Finding an armed, angry, fearful, white guy with a chip on his shoulder is as easy as driving across the State line,” said Smokey. “Rumor has it the Governor’s office is about to market a new slogan to promote the new wave of tourism—“What arrives in Florida, stays in Florida forever.”
“Catchy. No?”

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