Stevieslaw: Dengue Mosquito Bites Senator Wicker’s Ass

It’s sort of fun to watch our local newspaper, The CDT, as it tries to become the print version of Fox News. Can they come to stupid fast enough? Today, they ran their once a week column against climate change science. It’s a thinly disguised piece that lauds the clear eyed sanity (as opposed to raving mad environmentalists) of Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi. It has the usual stuff—no evidence, job loss, and a petition from smart people affirming the world is not getting warmer.

On the same page, the CDT published “its science is going to kill us all soon” article. In it they discussed the possible release of genetically modified bugs to fight mosquitoes that carry Dengue and Chikungunya fevers—two nasty viruses usually confined to the tropics.
The mosquitoes that carry Dengue and Chikungunya fevers are moving North to Florida and other Southern states because global warming is expanding their habitat. And that’s the part that makes me angry. How could the CDT possibly miss the humor in the juxtaposition of those two stories? How could they not publish a photo of Senator Wicker, in a hospital-style bed covered in mosquito netting, with the caption, “Wicker Down with the Dengue”

I just don’t get it CDT

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