Stevieslaw: Rubio tells all

Stevieslaw: Rubio Tells All
An obviously distraught and tearful Marco Rubio unveiled to the entire world today a secret that he had carried with him since he was a pre-teenager. Rubio explained, in a breaking voice, how he had been abused by family members since he was 10 and woke one day to find he was pregnant at the age of 12.
“I had no one to turn to,” said Marco, “So I turned to my spiritual advisor, who advised I have the baby.” “I did,” he said, “and the baby was later adopted.”
“It was both the most difficult and the best decision I have ever made,” said Marco. “So when I insist that women bear babies even in the case of rape or incest, I can truly say—I feel your pain, I have been where you are now.”

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