Stevieslaw: Good-citizen Steve

Stevieslaw: Good-citizen Steve
I did my taxes yesterday. I bought one of those programs that you see everywhere and for $39.95 I got to hit “next” about 400 times. As I was doing them, I slowly began to realize there were voices growing louder and louder in my head. Soon, I had an image to go with the jingle. All my old friends, Mike and Marty, Potsy and Dave and even Joel were leaning against the aging fence that enclosed our basketball court in Brownsville and singing, for my benefit, “He’s a hero, He’s a hero, He’s an all-American schmuck.”
Now with the release of the “Panama Papers,” and the knowledge of associated practices in the U.S., we get clear evidence of what we have already sensed—that the only people paying their fair share of taxes are those least able to. The fat-cats and the Corporations can skip paying taxes because you and I have them covered. It’s like going out to dinner with G.E. every week and saying,” I’ve got the check.”
It’s what we do. You and I and the rest of the schmucks.

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