Stevieslaw: Kickstarter to feature DNA Tests for Racists

Smokey Diamond learned today that the ancestry group–, has put up a kickstarter page to raise money to provide free DNA Tests for racists.  The tests which will determine percentage country or region of origin cost about $100.  People who take the test are invariably surprised by how diverse their backgrounds are.

Said CEO, Frui T. Cocktail,  “We’d certainly like everyone in the country to take the test, but it is essential for racists–since the person you are currently disparaging is very likely your cousin.”


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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: Kickstarter to feature DNA Tests for Racists

  1. Wilhelmina says:

    Thanks! I enjoyed this article very much. I used to live in California, where my husband and I enjoyed Rocky Jr free-range chickens. (I think they really are. . . ). Now we live in France where we are almost invariably diostpainped with the chicken — even when you pay a very high price for it. Just can’t figure that out. The French are so good about supporting small business. I guess more research would be a good thing.


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