Stevieslaw: Paul Ryan contemplates philosophical hari kari

Stevieslaw: Paul Ryan contemplates Philosophical suicide.

Paul Ryan told our own Smokey Diamond that he was deeply, deeply shamed that his health care law had to be withdrawn before a vote in the House. “There were simply not enough votes,” he said gravely.

When asked to describe his next step, Ryan said, “ I will don a three piece suit, a silk tie, and fine leather shoes and retire to the shrine of Ayn Rand. There, I will prepare my mind and body to perform an act of selflessness,” he said shamefacedly.

Selflessness, as we all know, is to followers of Ayn Rand—the so-called Objectivist Philosophers, much the same as committing Hari Kari was to a medieval Japanese warrior.

“Perhaps I might buy a poor person a sandwich,” said the crestfallen Ryan-clearly now a broken man.

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