Stevieslaw: Ryan signals that the E.O.D. to benefit from new health law.

Stevieslaw: Ryan signals that the E.O.D. to benefit from new health law.

Paul Ryan, who once again noted that there are winners and losers in any new legislation, said that while people with pre-existing conditions might be inconvenienced by the new health care law, the E.O.D. would be big winners.

“The rule was first adopted by Kansas Republicans after they killed the Medicaid expansion and consigned 150,000 people to life with no health care,” Ryan said. “Under the plan,” he continued, “the needy who volunteer as Emergency Organ and Body Part Donors would receive first class medical care not only for themselves, but for their immediate families (limited to a spouse and two children) as well. They simply need to be on call should a person of means require an organ or a body part.”

“All insurance is a gamble,” said Ryan, “Be it fire insurance or health care insurance. Perhaps someone with the necessary wealth to pay for a shoulder, hip, kidney or lung will never need one of yours. Perhaps they will. I’m sure many will consider it worth the risk.”

“Philosophically speaking,” continued Ryan, “compassionate Christian conservatives—especially those who owe a debt to Ayn Rand, have been trying to come up with an answer to the question, “Why poor people? Finally, we have found our answer.”

“God provides and Republicans harvest,” concluded Ryan.

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