Stevieslaw: Steve “Wormtongue” Bannon goes home.

Stevieslaw: Steve “Wormtongue” Bannon goes home.

In a brief ceremony on the White House lawn today, Chief Advisor Wormtongue Bannon went to his final rest. Bannon slithered under a large rock, as a high school band played an up-tempo version of Totentanz (Dance of Death). The kazoo solo was memorable. Said White House spokesperson, Satin Faustus, “It’s a fairy tale ending for Steve.”

Groundskeepers reported that the trail of slime left by the slithering Bannon killed all the vegetation within 15 feet of his trail. Said the head-groundskeeper, “I’ve never seen grass and plants wither that quickly.”

An earlier story, circulated by the right wing media, had that Bannon was assassinated by a young girl from Kansas, accompanied by a tin man, a scarecrow and a cowardly lion. The assassination was purportedly accomplished by splashing Bannon with a glass of water. Tap water in the D.C. Area is known to be very, very toxic. That story was taken down after the slithering ceremony.

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4 Responses to Stevieslaw: Steve “Wormtongue” Bannon goes home.

  1. Marvelous literary allusions, as usual, Steve. Now we’ll see if the puppet can manage at all without Wormtongue to jerk the strings.


  2. Mary Rohrer-Dann says:

    One of your best!


  3. stevieslaw says:

    Thanks, Mary. He is easy to write about. Pure evil.


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