Stevieslaw: Who Trump Turned to.

Stevieslaw: Who Trump Turned to
When Donald Trump first began to contemplate the firing of James Comey he sought the advice of his most trusted advisors. Andrew Jackson, somewhat disingenuously, claimed he had never heard of the FBI, which was formed in 1908. The advice from inside the White House was, as usual, conflicting. Steve Bannon suggested that rather than firing Comey, it would better if he was kidnapped, tortured and garroted, while Jared Kushner thought that some aspect of the family business would certainly be of interest to Comey.
Trump turned to the one man who had been through this type of crisis before—Richard Nixon. It has been reported by Kellyanne Conway and others that Nixon felt that the firing of Comey was a sound idea, provided it was not done on a Saturday night. “You don’t want the media yakking away about a second Saturday Night Massacre,” he said.
In a related story, Senator Mitch McConnell said that the firing of Comey was intended to, and should, put an end to the Russian-Trump investigation. “What part of the word “coup” don’t you understand,” he said with his usual charm.

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