Stevieslaw: Crooked Real-estate developer has plans for national parks

Stevieslaw: Crooked Real-estate developer has plans for National Monuments and Parks

In a recent executive order, Donald Trump—real-estate developer, golfer and president, ordered a review of land designated as “National Monuments,” since 1996, under the Antiquities Act. Now, Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke has begun a trip to assess whether or not the Utah monuments, including Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase—Escalante National Monuments are appropriately designated.
Critics have said that the designations have impeded development and hurt local economies. Said spokesperson, Sean Spicer, “Donald Trump has come down clearly on the side of the American people on this issue. He would like, above all else to return the monuments and national parks to their rightful owner—Exxon/Mobil.”
Representations of the giant energy conglomerate told our own Smokey Diamond, “We are ready to heed the nation’s call and drill, baby drill.”

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