Stevieslaw: The world we live in.

Stevieslaw: The world we live in.

I imagine MSNBC spent the night barking the news that the Health Care bill was likely to fail to pass the Senate. Learned panels met to discuss the National, International and Universal repercussions of its likely demise.


Four conservative Senators oppose the bill—Rand Paul (Kentucky), Ted Cruz (Texas), Ron Johnson Wisconsin) and Mike Lee (Utah)—for damned good reasons. Their joint statement simply said that the bill does not go far enough.

When questioned, Rand Paul was quick to clarify the essence of the their opposition. “Quite frankly,” said Paul, “We are concerned that the bill, as written, might help someone. Although obviously not the intent of the bill, it is still possible that someone might slip through and benefit from the legislation.”

“This is not acceptable,” concluded Senator Paul.



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