Stevieslaw: Winter is coming

Cold here this morning in Central Pennsylvania.  Here’s what I am plannng to do:

How we deal with winter

Some pack a Speedo
and a toothbrush
and race
south to sun.

Some tennis ball the dryer
to plump the parka.
Wax skis
darn wool socks,
bounce restlessly
on booted feet
awaiting snow.

I shovel in paperbacks,
three tins of pipe blend,
a gross of canned beans.
I prime the fire with summer’s news,
curtain windows
ease into my recliner
and wait.


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3 Responses to Stevieslaw: Winter is coming

  1. I’m with you, Steve. Just give me a good book and a cozy fire. And a quilt. Gotta have a quilt to curl up in.


  2. ivors20 says:

    Still cold here today, but I’m quite willing to share, and shovel it all up your way….


  3. stevieslaw says:

    No thanks. thanks for the offer.


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