Stevieslaw: FEMA to Assume Cabinet Status

Stevieslaw: FEMA to Assume Cabinet Status

Congress today announced plans to promote The Federal Emergency Management Agency to Cabinet status. Spokesperson, Atal Castia, said, “With the rebuilding of Texas estimated to cost 120 billion and bills still out for rebuilding the Florida Keys and Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands the budget for the FEMA will dwarf those of the other Departments. The budget for the Department of energy is roughly 30 billion, while that of Commerce is about 10 billion. It appears rebuilding huge swarths of America after they are ravaged by monster storms will be a driver of the Federal Budget for the foreseeable future.

Maybe, forever. Most scientists would agree that the warming of the oceans can not be directly linked to the number of hurricanes and winter storms. But the strength of these storms and the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere will increase with increasing water temperature, resulting in stronger storms with more rain or snow. In the interest of scientific precision, we must mention here that Hymie Manusch—conservative talk radio host and former used car salesman, disputes these finding every evening at 6. He can be very persuasive.

So, although we have all learned from Chief Meteorologist, Donald Trump, and his minions that human influenced climate change is a hoax, we will still have to pay for the damage. That, as Hymie might say, is the definition of a cruel hoax.

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