Stevieslaw: A Perfect Plan

Stevieslaw: A Perfect Plan

Republicans in the Senate are rallying around the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal and replace Obamacare for good reason. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, whose estimates have been a wet blanket for the other Republican repeal and replace plans, have announced that some estimates of the influence of this new plan will not be available before the anticipated vote. That means that Senators will get to vote on the plan without knowing how it might influence some minor things, such as health care enrollment, budget, and Medicaid.

Con Tipated, spokesperson for Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey—a strong supporter of the bill said, “that’s wonderful.”

“If the we enact this bill,” he continued, “And health care in America improves, Pat can say he was there and voted for it. If it fails miserably for most Americans—as seems very, very likely, Pat can claim that while he did not know the nitty gritty of the bill—he is not a doctor after all, its failure is certainly just another consequence of Obamacare, which in a weird way, it is.”

“This bill ticks all the boxes in Pat’s agenda,” said Mr. Tipated. “That is, it is likely to help get him reelected.”

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