Stevieslaw: God 101

A little goofiness for a dreadful Tuesday.

God 101

The big guy
created from
next to nothing,
a universe so unruly
that even he might
pull a string
and wonder what
might happen next,
with particles
so briefly here,
that even he
must pay great care
to watch them flame out
brilliantly, and distances
so vast that even he
considers it a trek to march
from end to end to catch
the view from yet another angle
of expansion. It takes
his breath away to consider
how awesome he must be.

I imagine him blowing smoke
from an ancient Meerschaum
into some black hole
or bending space and time
by reclining massively in Orion.
So sad the nearly lifelike chuckling
he can manage when he warps
is lost in the dark of little matter.

He brushes past the lively
worlds upon occasion,
but frankly, between you and me,
the endless singing,
murmured prayers
and protestations,
remind him vaguely of promises
unkept and make his big head ache—
for which he takes two aspirin,
each the size of Pluto, and drinks them
down with water
milked from many a moon.


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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: God 101

  1. …even he might pull a string and wonder what might happen next: my favorite line. And there are many a good line in this poem.


  2. stevieslaw says:

    Thanks. I get a chance to read soon. This will be one of them


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