Stevieslaw: Forgiving the Forgetful

Stevieslaw: Forgiving the Forgetful

Mary Sessions testified before the House Judiciary Committee today as a collaborative witness. She testified that her husband Jeff was among the most forgetful people she had ever met.

“I spend half of every day running around the house, searching for his wallet, his keys or his phone,” she said.

Mrs. Sessions went on to describe the amusing scene at the Washington Populist Club on K-street. All of
Trump’s circle as well as members of his immediate family belong to the club.

“It’s pretty funny,” she said. “All evening long, family and friends are rushing in and out of the front door clutching missing hats, rain coats, wallets and keys,” she continued. “Some of the wives are back and forth to the club three or four times on an evening,” she said with a smile.

“The wives call it the ‘Amnesia Club,’” she said.

Mary went on to tell the committee that forgetting the names of the people you’ve spoken to or dined with is also an endearing feature of the club members.

“Often Jeff will come home and tell me I had dinner with what’s his name—you know, the blonde one,” she said with a chuckle.

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