Stevieslaw: Fox News Defends Coverage

Stevieslaw: Fox News Defends Coverage

Fox News said its decision to cover President Trump’s golf game at his Mar-a-lago Club, on Saturday, rather than the student led marches around the country was right on target. Trump’s game—the 101st of his presidency, was historic.

“He had a chance at a 73, for only the third time in his golfing career, if only he had managed that 17 footer on 18,” said Sean Hannity. The putt was uphill with only a slight drift to the right at the end.”

“He got bad advice from his caddy,” continued the Fox News Celebrity. “Of course,” said a smiling Sean, “Trump fired him on the spot.”

“Ten years from now,” concluded Hannity, “People will still be streaming this Trump golf game, while The March for whatever will be long forgotten.”

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