Stevieslaw: Credit where credit is due

Stevieslaw: Credit where credit is due

President Trump tweeted today that he was hurt and surprised that his role in the rescue of the Thai soccer team and coach has not received the attention it deserves.

“Anyone with eyes could tell that I was the one who devised the plan to get the kids out,” he tweeted. “Only a stable genius could come up with something as amazing as my plan.”

Fox News quickly apologized to the President and began running the story in a 4 hour exclusive. “Could you even imagine this kind of rescue when Obama was President,” said Sean Hannity—Of course not!”

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3 Responses to Stevieslaw: Credit where credit is due

  1. ivor20 says:

    Oh poor humpty dumpty trumpty, Oh, and he’s so clever at looking after “Missing Children”


  2. stevieslaw says:

    Yes. He knows you need to make them missing children first. Genius.


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