New poem on The Drabble

Learning to Write Poetry Late in Life
The Drabble

Of course it’s magic,
the way the teacher coaxed
me off my easy chair,
where briared and booked,
I planned
to snooze away my twilight.

I find I’m curious again—
that odd peering into things,
I thought I’d
left behind.

that first poem?
Like a first solo flight—
ground dropping
like Newton’s apples,
the catch of thin breath,
and the wonder
of words.

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5 Responses to New poem on The Drabble

  1. geoffrey godbey says:

    Like it a lot. Rich language, jerks of thought, spare and original.


  2. Zivile Khoury says:

    Really like this poem. Love the imagery — coaxed out of the easy chair.


  3. rcdowding says:

    Not so much learning as doing. I thoroughly enjoyed your poem. You have described my curiosity perfectly.


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