Me and You

My poem was just published by Third Wednesday. Mary Rohr-Dann has three in this issue. Here is the link, I think.

Me and You

Friends and family

would often declare

with solemn authority

that my brother and I

were polar opposites.

Our literary cousin

Jerry, proclaimed

“Just like

Jekyll and Hyde.”

Yet the stories

they told

over the dinner table

were of your exploits—

not of my storied virtues.

I was observant.

I knew by age five

that the devil had

the best lines.

I learned 

that behind

good grades

and a mild demeanor

I could get away

with nearly 


You took the spotlight

I took the cake.

You never gave a hoot.

Told me that the North Pole

and the South 

were not so very different,

in a voice so like mine

in tone and intonation

that with eyes closed

I could imagine,

I was the one speaking.

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