Light Fall

My poem was just published by the Mark Literary Review. It’s actually written in tercets, but I no longer have any influence with my blog.

Light Fall

We are fine,

I suppose,

although winter has settled

in like an unwelcome

house guest,

who natters away

all day and night

about the summers

he once knew 

as a child.

We live in the sway 

of a great graying—

our world assuming

the colorlessness

we might find

on a planet

far from the sun.

We are fine, I suppose,

though we fight 

against our estrangement

from this unwelcoming world. 

We’ve been told

the Sun is backtracking

and we are accumulating 

minutes of daylight

as a child might

gather pennies

in a piggy bank,

waiting for that day

in the unfathomable future

when we might

uncork it

and free the light.

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