Accidie and Poetry

I have two poems, Accidie and Poetry, up at the Lothlorien Poetry Journal. Here they are:


These days
I take to
the river.

Isn’t that
what the wise
would have us do?
I bring
a pad and pen
although it’s

been months
since I’ve written
and longer still

since I’ve written
anything anyone
might want to read.

I lie back against
my favourite willow
let memory take me

where it will
as I half-listen
to the river,

the breeze
through the willows,
and the buzzes

and squeals
from tiny things
I can not name.

And the willow
stays a willow,
the river

a river,
and when I rise
at dusk,

I am the same
as I was
at dawn.


the house
by the lake

still stands.
Is that where
the body is buried?

And the grove
of trees
I planted

a lifetime ago
competes with the clouds
for the thin breeze.

It’s the one real thing
I’ve managed.
Might the trees discuss

their fostering?
In spring
the lake

is blue-green
and unmarred
by even a single ripple.

It tempts us
to walk across.
One end is

the other

though people
have drowned
in both.

Won’t you
step in
with me?

I think it’s
a risk
worth taking.

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4 Responses to Accidie and Poetry

  1. maryrohrerdann says:

    Lovely poems, Steve. They read like koans.

    Mary Rohrer-Dann
    Author, Taking the Long Way Home, Kelsay Books, 2021

    “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
    Mary Oliver — The Summer Day


  2. Two fine pieces – thank you and congrats on the publication. Accidie in particular brought a siddartha kind of smile.


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