I have two poems in the current issue of Evening Street Review, number 35, Autumn 2012. Here is the first:


That was the summer
it wouldn’t stop raining.

The summer my brother
and I discovered

tropical fish
in a shop on Hegeman Avenue

behind the cats and dogs,
parakeets and gerbils.

The summer we watched
in black and white

as whole provinces
became watery graves

and forests
lost their footing

in countries with strange-
sounding names—

so far away
we had not yet gotten round

to bombing them.
It was the summer

we bought a fish tank
with pooled resources

and guppies, tetras, and angel fish,
and Congress passed

The Tonkin Gulf Resolution.
The summer we discovered Siamese

fighting fish and the war
between North and South

Vietnam was as certain
as the rain.

The summer the Bettas built bubble nests
and tore each other to pieces

and my brother packed
a duffel and went off in the rain.

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4 Responses to Brothers

  1. Thomazine Shanahan says:



  2. wpbzkzk says:

    This one is really good! I’d love to know how you had the idea to juxtapose the two events — was it as simple as a writing prompt? Works very well! Z

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