StevieslawScold: What part of the program didn’t you understand?

For decades, the new Republicans have been telling us that running up huge deficits is in their interest, as someday it will allow them to cut the heart out of domestic spending.  They have been telling us that they would like nothing better than to shred the New Deal.  The newpubs even constructed their own news channel to remind us about the coming cuts, 24 hours a day.  Now, their time has come. And in spite of the dire straits they claim we are in, what is so striking about the people making cuts in education or workers rights or unemployment benefits around the nation is how happy they seem to be in doing it.  In Florida, Governor Rick Scott—man of the people, tells the Republican supermajority in his legislature, “Don’t blink, just cut,” as if he were at war with the workers of his own state. What courage!

So, to the 58% of Americans who didn’t vote in the 2010 midterm elections and with special focus on the 77.2% of those between the ages of 18 and 29 who didn’t vote in 2010—because an hour of their time is just too valuable to be wasted on electing people who are not heartless—what part of their program didn’t you understand?  It can be your country too. Take it back. Vote.

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