Newbriefs You May Have Missed: 18. Who will look after the big guy?

Republicans articulate anthem. Find voice.

House Republicans assailed the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, designed to protect consumers from problems with mortgage, credit card and other lending companies, calling it the “most powerful agency that’s ever been created in Washington.”  Spender Vidal III, spokesman for Financial Services Chair, Spencer Bachus (no relation to the Roman god), said “the new agency represents yet another Obama power grab and addresses a problem that does not exist.”  Spender went on to say that, “Bankers are people too.”  “A careful reading of the charter for the new agency clearly shows,” continued Vidal, “that it allows for Assassination Squads, in the same way Obamacare allowed for Death Panels, to take out bankers and Wall Street executives at will”

After the hearing, Spencer Bachus took the house floor to deliver a heartfelt and passionate speech entitled, “Who will protect the big guys?”  The opening paragraph of the speech is reprinted here.  The full speech may be viewed on UTube, or over and over and over again, today, tomorrow and the next day on Fox News.

Bachus: Who will look after the big guy?  Who will comfort the Mortgage brokers gone to ground in their 5th Avenue penthouses, the Wall Street CEOs driven in desperation to their mansions on the beach at Newport, RI, or the Energy Executives dishonorably displaced to their villas on the Mediterranean Coast.  Who will protect the Polluters, the Lobbyists, the Armsdealers?  Who will make sure that no matter what the cost—to the workers, to the environment, to the future—the big guy will make out…

Bachus finished the stirring speech with a guarantee that the Republicans will always be there for the big guy, saying, “We will. We will. We will.”  As many of our readers are no doubt aware, saying something three times is the new definition of true.

 Bulletin: Smokey Diamond reports, from Mendocino, California, that rumors that Tea Partiers, waving red white and blue books containing the sayings of Chairman Beck, are walking lock-stepped off the cliffs and into the Pacific Ocean are entirely unfounded. Smokey would like to assure his readers, however, that you will be forgiven if the image makes you smile.

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