Stevieslaw: Evaluating the Value of Values

Even here at Stevieslaw, a liberal sinkhole if ever there was one, we recognize the existence of things of intrinsic good—or values, if you will—the touch and voice of a loved one, the delightful babble of a baby playing with new found sounds, the laughter of an old friend. The things we “believe in” are precious, often fleeting, often intensely personal, and impossible to base a government on.
Today’s article by David Lightman, of McClatchy Newspapers, touched on the history of the tea party movement—a loosely organized group of mostly disaffected Republicans, who see both traditional political parties as proponents of big government. The poorly worded survey that followed the article was more revealing. When asked “what qualities are most important to you in deciding who to support for the GOP nomination,” 35% responded—share your values—while 18% said—is closest to you on the issues—which we interpret as more votes for values. Only 24% responded with—has the experience to govern.
Let us agree to run the country on the things we value—I vote for the miracle of a gentle rain on the morning of a fine day in early spring. Who’s with me?

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5 Responses to Stevieslaw: Evaluating the Value of Values

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