Stevieslaw: Tom Corbett’s Lucky Socks

In his very successful effort to say something really stupid every day, Governor Tom Corbett tied raising the State’s minimum wage to changing the dynamic of the economic recovery. “The economy is starting to come back, Corbett said, I always worry about changing the dynamics when we’re starting to come out of…” As usual, we might add, huh?
Since it is really hard to imagine that giving 855,000 Pennsylvanian a more nearly livable wage and more buying power could be a threat to the economy, we can only assume that Tommy is superstitious about making changes now. He confirmed this by saying further, “I will also not change my lucky socks—no matter how badly they smell— until the economy is fully recovered.”
I have just ordered the Tom Corbett—Space Cadet TV series, which appeared on the major networks in the early fifties, from Amazon. Perhaps there is a clue in that series to what makes Tom tick.

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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: Tom Corbett’s Lucky Socks

  1. Boss Tweed says:

    Stevarino, you might wish to comment on the attached ≠

    Clearly Mr. Paul failed to consider the need to eat at least once every few days to survive, oh unless they can live of free government cheese, and grass clippings. Yours comments are eagerly awaited.


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