Stevieslaw: Art Linkletter

Stevieslaw: Art Linkletter
In the 50’s, Art Linkletter was the host of House Party in which he interviewed children in a segment entitled, “kids say the darndest things.” It later became the basis for a number of books and, later, a show hosted by Bill Cosby. Now that Corporations have been certified as people, I propose we work on a book of quotes entitled “Corporations say the Darnest Things.” How about I start with two:
1. On Wednesday, April 2nd, the CEO of GM, Mary Barra, told a Senate subcommittee that, “owners can continue safely using the cars (with the faulty ignition switches) if precautions are taken.” Darndest thing. But silly, of course, as how can anyone be expected to drive their kids to a soccer match while physically holding the ignition key in place and talking on the cell phone.
2. The North Carolina energy firm, Duke (Larry to its friends) argued in front of Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway that records related to ground water pollution from their 33 known coal ash dumps in the state should be sealed because, “it might present the company in an unfavorable light.” Paul in rejecting Larry’s request somehow managed to avoid laughing his head off and replying that nothing ever said or done could paint an even more unfavorable view of the company.

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