Stevieslaw: Republican Support Change in Minimum Wage

Stevieslaw: House Repubicans Support Change in Minimum Wage
In a startling development, Mime Mine, spokesperson for Congressman Paul Ryan announced today that he will fight for legislation that supports a change in the Federal mandated minimum wage. This is a huge departure from the long-standing Republican concept which supports an increase in the earned income tax credit for low income Americans. That concept has been hobbled, in recent years, by the Republicans’ inability to come up with a way to pay for the program solely through a real or de facto tax on the poor and most vulnerable.
Ms. Mine noted, “Mr. Ryan’s reasoning is based on the part of the report by the Congressional Budget Office that suggests 500,000 people would lose their minimum wage jobs, if the minimum wage were raised to $10.10 from $7.25.” “Simple arithmetic suggests then, she continued, that by reducing the minimum wage to $1.75 an hour, we would create 1,000,000 jobs.” “That’s a win-win for Corporations and other lesser people, and he will push for it.”
When questioned by our own indomitable, Smokey Diamond, as to whether by the same arithmetic 16.5 million people would see lower pay and 1.8 million additional workers would be pushed below the poverty line, Mime would only say that “we will repeal Obamacare.”

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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: Republican Support Change in Minimum Wage

  1. Commodore Dutch says:

    Stevarino again you see through the fog, flimm flamm and general Gas and Oil Party double speak.
    In the end it would be better ( for the Gas and Oilers) to repeal the Slavery Laws and commit all those below the $250,000 annual salary to long term servitude, this would greatly increase productivity, growth, corp. profits and stock value. great strides could be made send all the other non-Americans back to where they came from because the new (ASC), American Slave Class would pick up the slack, law enforcement and military budgets could be ballooned to keep out the riff raff and also the keep the new (ASC) in their place — the ASC motto – could be
    Work Will Set You Free, ah maybe not,,, sounds a little bit too “Brown Shirtesque”, but few would get the connection.


    • stevieslaw says:

      Wonderful suggestion. We could all work on the Romney plantations and learn to sing. Think of the movies our antics would generate. But of course with the current campaign, there is really no need to repeal the slavery laws. It will work out the same with or without them.


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