Stevieslaw: The Obama Ratio

Max Boot, senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Affairs, argues today that once Americans are sent to fight a war overseas, they must stay until the enemy says “uncle.” Max makes no distinction between, say, World War II and the shadowy civil wars we have been fighting since—those wars, like Vietnam, in which the people we are fighting live there and we don’t. How would that even apply in a place like Pakghanistan?

But the conclusion we draw here is based less on what Max says and more on how Max says it. To do this, we introduce a new principle for judging the true subject of any article—The Obama Ratio: no article, short of biography, can use “Obama” for more than 0.5% of its words and still claim to be about something other than Obama. Max Boot uses “Obama” nine times in a roughly 800 word piece, an Obama ratio of greater than 1%, which leads us to believe, that in spite of the title, his piece is not about the Afghan war at all.

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