Stevieslaw: Doing what’s good for you.

While we were standing on our heads in yoga class today, our instructor reminded us of a Canadian study that showed that even people who exercise several hours a day can have their life expectancies shortened by being sedentary the rest of the time. This sedentary period, as you may recall, used to be called catching your breath. This is a serious problem for those of us who would like to live long enough to be a burden to our children and the health and retirement systems.
Someone in class suggested setting an alarm, so that we might start moving again before rigor mortis overtook us. But if you are like me, an alarm will simply not be enough. So, here a Stevieslaw, we donned our Tom Edision outfits and spent several minutes pondering. As a result we are pleased to offer, the shocktivator, for $9.99 + $299.99 s/h. More than just an alarm clock, a car battery, two comfort leads and duct tape, it is all of these things stuffed into a nearly wooden cabinet. Buy one today and never be too comfortable in your recliner again. Cash only, please.

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