Stevieslaw: Koch Brothers “will retaliate.”

The article contending that Koch Industries will make $200 billion from the construction of the Keystone Pipeline has been pretty well debunked by now, but the brothers still stand to make a pretty penny from their 200 million acre holding of Canadian tar sands. This was apparent today, as the brothers warned that if President Obama were to veto the pipeline bill and if Congress were not to override the veto, they would refuse to buy the 2016 Presidential Election.
“The American people must pressure the President and Congress to pass the Keystone Pipeline Bill, or face an election year of unbelievable anguish,” said Koch spokesperson, Imin T. Mony. “Can they even imagine a campaign season deprived of $900 million dollars of grainy, black and white half-minutes of Hillary Clinton biting the head off a pet bunny as children (of all races and creeds) watch?” “We think not,” he concluded.

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2 Responses to Stevieslaw: Koch Brothers “will retaliate.”

  1. Yeah, it would be a damned shame not to have them in the mix…


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