Stevieslaw: Eggses! he hissed. Eggses it is!

Stevieslaw: Eggses! he hissed. Eggses it is!
My good friend, Wally, called this morning just after 7 and asked if I would meet him at WaffleWorld, a downtown breakfast place. I thought he might call. Wally hasn’t eaten an egg since the first warnings about dietary cholesterol appeared in 1961. That warning was removed today, with little more than a “never mind” by the nation’s top nutrition advisory panel. And since WaffleWorld advertises, “Eggs 37 ways,” I knew Wally would head there. The place was mobbed.
It was a pleasure to watch Wally scarf down eggs—fried and poached and shirred and over—combined with dozens of other high cholesterol foods—breakfast has always been best for cholesterol, but I was not prepared to face a thoroughly unhappy Smokey Diamond on my return.
“Who was the genius who added “science” after nutrition,” she growled?
“Nutrition Science, Nutrition Science.” she whined.
“We are trying to get a skeptical public to accept the science behind climate change and vaccinations, and these eggheads say they’ve been wrong for the past 40 something years,” she bemoaned.
“There are distinctions,” I offered.
“I know. But Joe Public doesn’t”
“Care to guess what the lead story on Fox News will be tonight,” she sighed, lowering her maw into a bowl of perfectly timed soft-boiled eggs.

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