Stevieslaw: Without hope of redemption

The CDT does a Breakfast Briefing each morning. There are five or six or seven short articles reporting the news, before they weigh in on someone’s human interest or a right leaning article about the need for fracking the game lands. The first one today was, “FEMA seeks Sandy deals amid insurance lawsuits.” First, is there anyone who feels a need to read the article before accepting it is about charges that the insurance companies are attempting to deprive people, with Sandy related damage claims, of reimbursement by fraud or fine print? We didn’t think so. And, second, is there anyone out there who is not convinced that the insurance companies are guilty? No one? My. My.
In this cynical world, we so often associate occupations and their modifiers that a naked noun would seem oddly incoherent. A few simple examples are: Sports figures—tested positive, Banks—bailout, Corporations—greedy, Politicians—self-serving, Lawyers—yucky, and so on. Yet, there is something pure and refreshing in the special hatred we reserve for insurance companies. Is there an event so disturbing and tragic that they will act in the interest of something other than their bottom line?
The votes are in and unanimous. Three hundred million people say “no way.”
Guilty as charged.

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