Stevieslaw: Kochpromise-Executive Briefs

Stevieslaw: Kochpromise—Executive Briefs
Koch Brothers spokesperson, C.A. Peeples, said today that “talk of the Brothers renaming the White House, Koch Industries East, after they buy it in the 2016 election, is premature. The Koch’s have spent a great deal of time with their architects and believe it may be possible to simply add a small addition to the building—a Koch wing, he said with a grin, in which the brothers can reside when they come to the capital to do the people’s work.” C.A. assured Smokey Diamond that Koch Industry’s fellow citizens would be informed as soon as a decision is made.
In a related development, future presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, told those assembled at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs that he was his own man. He noted that every president “inherits a changing world and changing circumstances.” He went on to assure the crowd that the only recognizable similarity between his presidency and those of the George’s Bush, would be the obvious need to include Dick Cheney in a Jeb administration. Cheney served as Secretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush and as Vice-President under George W. Bush. Jeb went on to say that Cheney would make a heck of a choice for either Secretary of Health and Human Welfare or Head of the Environmental Protection Agency. “It’s up to the Koch brothers to make the call,” he confided.

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