Stevieslaw: Tums for the big Blue-green

Stevieslaw: Tums for the Big Blue-Green
Chris Adams, of McClatchy Washington Bureau, wrote a very detailed article about the acidification of the oceans that appeared in our local newspaper, no doubt through an editorial error. Acidification of the oceans is another consequence of burning fossil fuels, and the race is on between atmospheric and oceanic disasters to see which will extinct us first. There will be no prize for second place.
Aside for a very short time in which we will be able to eat shell fish much more easily as they will have very little shell, we believe that something must be quickly done to stave off this disaster. We might try the direct attack and try to solve the problem through a concerted effort to significantly limit the use of fossil fuels. But, as Smokey Diamond just reminded me, we need to get serious.
Fortunately, the answer came to me today, about an hour after I ate two chili dogs at the local Sheets everything station. Antacids—tum, ta, tum, tum. Feed the ocean tube after tube of the chalky stuff—just remember to recycle the packaging. And while it is highly unusual for us to offer stock tips, I think you will agree that the time to buy stock in the companies that make inexpensive over-the-counter antacids—like tums and Rolaids, is now. Considering what we have been feeding the big Blue-Green, it’s going to take a lot of antacid. It’s a chance to make some money while doing a good deed. And don’t forget to drop in a soft-chew or two the next time you’re at the shore.

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